We are not looking for the perfect ones, but the ones that are called We are not looking for the comfortable ones but rather the courageous We are not looking for those who are precocious but rather responsible We are not looking for consumers but for those who want to be sent!

BPI Drafts


BPI DRAFTS is a camp ministry which helps young men, 14 – 20 years old, understand the Gospel, develop character, experience and value team work, as well as discover their callings in life.



Leader: Aleksandrs Kenigsvalds
Phone: + 371 20598027
Email: aleksandrs.kenigsvalds(abols)



I went to BPI DRAFTS camp as a young Christian. There I realized that God has given me more potential than I had thought. Later, when I helped organize another BPI DRAFTS camp, I received encouragement from my mentor and confirmation from God that I am called to leadership. It gave me courage to start studying at the BPI Pastoral Training Program.
Rihards Rudzis Ogre