Pastoral Training Program

The BPI Pastoral Training Program trains, equips and resources carefully selected Christian leaders to preach the Gospel, plant and lead missional churches in strategic places throughout Latvia, the Baltic region and beyond.

School of Music Ministry

Training leaders and participants of music and worship ministries for present and future churches.

Timothy School

Training present and future leaders of children’s ministry for purposeful and effective ministry to children and their families, by providing knowledge, competence and a renewed heart attitude towards God, children and the church.

BPI Drafts

Helping young men, 14-20 years old, understand the Gospel, develop character, experience and value teamwork, as well as discover their callings in life.

Strategic Ministry Development Centre SAC

Equipping and mentoring local churches to become more purposeful in fulfilling Christ’s mission, as well as assisting organizations to become more purposeful in using their potential to achieve their goals.

Church Planting Training M4

Church planting training M4 prepares, equips and resources church planters and their teams.

BPI Library

Providing a variety of quality literature in Latvian that is based on Christian values and contributes to readers’ personal and ministry growth.

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