The BPI Pastoral Training Program trains, equips and resources carefully selected Christian leaders to preach the Gospel, plant and lead missional churches in strategic places throughout Latvia, the Baltic region and beyond.

Goals and Results

The goals of the program are to train, strengthen and provide with resources carefully chosen Christian leaders for proclamation of the Gospel, to start and lead new churches that would be society-influencing churches strategically located in Latvia, Baltic region and beyond.

Intended outcomes for students

CONTENT - “training for the head”:
    Students will be able to:

  •     have a deeper understanding of biblical content and theological truths as well as their relevance in the context of contemporary culture.
  •     think critically and innovatively about matters of Christian faith and ministry.
  •     take and defend positions with accuracy, clarity, and gentleness.
  •     be aware of God's purposes, locally and globally.
  •     comprehend and embrace God's purpose and mission for the local church.
  •     understand and appreciate the role of church planting in God's purposes.
  •     understand the dynamics of personal and organizational growth: stages, crises and change.
  •     have a good knowledge of the history of Christianity, of their own and other traditions.

COMPETENCE - “training for the hands”:
    Students will be able to:

  •     provide strategic, visionary, innovative and proactive leadership for a local church or ministry.
  •     start a new church or Christian community or ministry.
  •     interpret Scripture and communicate it clearly and effectively.
  •     engage in personal evangelism, discipleship and mentoring.
  •     provide pastoral care for various people groups.
  •     practice responsible stewardship of personal and ministry resources.
  •     work together with other leaders, in both Christian and secular contexts.
  •     evaluate, assess a church and implement necessary changes in a healthy way.
  •     form and lead a team.

CHARACTER - “training for the heart”:
    Students will be able to:

  •     have a better understanding of themselves, others and God (gifts, calling, personality, purposeful growth in their relationship with Christ).
  •     develop an ongoing Kingdom mindset with a commitment to life-long learning.
  •     engage in an authentic faith community with others, not only for the sake of the group but for their own spiritual well-being.
  •     respond to complicated situations with calm, consideration and trust in God.
  •     be committed to ongoing self-evaluation and the evaluation of their ministry.

CULTURE – “training for the feet”:
Culture is a behaviour of individuals, groups and society which expresses their worldview.
    Students will be able to:

  •     accurately analyze culture at all of its levels - from global to regional to local and subcultural levels.
  •     try to understand how these varying culturals view God, Christianity and spirituality.
  •     recognize when differences and conflicts in the church/ministry stem from matters of principle, preference or culture.
  •     creatively and intentionally engage culture in its various expressions.
  •     present the Gospel to a variety of audiences and people groups, communicating it in their language.
  •     explain and defend the Christian faith in culturally relevant and appropriate ways.



Leader: Tomass Sulcs
Phone: +371 26765686
Email: bpiplatforma(abols)